Fotos SLActions na PUC-SP


Novas fotos do SLActions 2009 na PUC-SP

Clique para ver o slideshow

Clique para ver o slideshow

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SLActions at PUC-SP

The local chapter of SLActions in São Paulo was quite rich and agitated since it envolved professors and students of Catholic University of São Paulo, bringing together undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of Computer Science, Education: Curriculum, Technologies of Intelligence and Digital Design. Therefore,the event encouraged all participants to study and research metaverses with different approaches such as those of design, interaction, audio, immersion and education, emphasizing interdisciplinary themes. Listening to presenters from other countries enhanced the possibilities of dialogue and debate in several moments.

The local schedule (composed of presentations and a workshop) during the hours before the official opening of the event were also important for the envolvement and the contextualization of the participants towards the theme and the introduction to Second Life for those who hadn`t seen it. It is important to point out that the event had the participation of professionals from various areas and companies both at PUC-SP as offsite, virtually in the metaverse. In PUC-SP there were, besides participants at the scene, professors from other institutions who participated in the workshop as well as collaborated on the discussion about the possibilities of Second Life for Education. Among those, representants of Colégio Bandeirantes, Fundação Padre Anchieta, SENAC and schools and faculties of technology in the state of São Paulo. Slideshows portraying participants can be seen at

One of the features of SLActions in São Paulo, therefore, was to unite different educational institutions toward a single goal which was to explore even more metaverses for the benefit of education.

There were technical issues which prevented a better participation at the event, such as a delay in the presenters` audio, unstable connection due to a link surcharge and slowness in data transfer.

PUC-SP received a greater number of participants than those originally expected and registered online, about 100 participants entered the event onsite due to the interest of undergraduate students on the spot.

The conference as a whole presented themes such as high academic quality and great relevance to emergent debates, both in the university environment as the corporate one, having contributed to publicize the event SLActions. We have been receiving e-mails from interested parts even after the event, representing people and institutions interested in a better knowledge of Second Life activities.

List of collaborators who contributed to the success of this conference.

Professor Dr. Maria da Graça Moreira da Silva
Professor Donizetti Louro
Local Workshop
Monica Mandaji (PhD student – Education: Curriculum PUC-SP)
Renata Aquino Ribeiro (PhD student – Education: Curriculum PUC-SP)
Renata Kelly da Silva (Master in Education: Curriculum PUC-SP)

Coordination of the Workshop:
Prof. Dr. Maria da Graça Moreira da Silva (professor at the departament of Computer Science and Post-Graduate Program of Education: Curriculum PUC-SP)

Local speakers
Professor Fábio Fernandes (Professor at the Departament of Computer Science at PUC-SP)
Jean Liberato (Developer and owner – SL GURU)

Event opening
Professor Donizetti Louro, (professor at the departament of Computer Science at PUC-SP)
Professor Dr. Maria da Graça Moreira da Silva, (professor of the departament of Computer Science and Post-Graduate Program in Education: Curriculum at PUC-SP)
Professor Maurício Pontuschka (Head of the Departament of Computer Science)
Professor Fernando Giorno (Vice-president of the Center of Math Science and Technology)
Professor Luiz Carlos Campos (Director of the Center of Math Science and Technology)

The local programme with events organized locally;

Full local Programme (in Portuguese)

Workshop description (as indicated in the Program)
Second Life in Education – Uses and possibilities with Research Group Web Curriculum
The uses of Second Life in education start from teaching online to a broader universe of possibilities with learning objects and simulation of educational experiments. In this workshop, both beginners as advanced users of Second Life may discuss those possibilities.
The presenters are researchers from the group of Technologies in Education at the Post-Graduate Program Education: Curriculum at PUC-SP. At the workshop participants will explore the space of Web Curriculum in Second Life and the integration of that with the blog Web Curriculum ( and Twitter (

SLActions PUC-SP in the media
Blog Web Curriculum PUC-SP
ABED – Brazilian Association of Distance Learning
Blog MundoLinden – SLGuru


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